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Arriving and starting the day


The site opens at 7:45 and we ask for players to leave time to, fill in a insurance form and get guns chronoed etc before 9 ready for a briefing at 9.20-9.30


On arrival please find a place for your kit on our benches which are under cover, then you will need to fill in a insurance form with contact details etc and pay your monies to the very nice lady at the canteen area.


Here you will find the toilets and shops for any BB's, Flash bangs, drinks or chocolate bars etc with free tea and coffee all day.


A marshal safety briefing will take place around 9.15, followed by a game briefing, this will sort the teams out and explain the game to be played.


You will then gear up and be lead to the starting positions for the game to start.


You can download the forms from our Insurance waivers area to save time when your at the site.



The History of Airsoft


Airsoft started its life in Japan during the Mid 1970's, and made its mark in the United States and Europe in the 1990's. Since its initial arrival in Europe it has grown very quickly into a recognised sport and is used by many law enforcement agencies and armed forces to simulate real life situations for training purposes. For those of you who have heard of paintball, Airsoft is similar in some respects. Both use marshalls to run and watch over the games. Both have games based on Attack and Defend, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy missions. However, this is where the similarities end. Unlike Paintball which uses markers to tell you when you have been hit, airsoft uses 6mm plastic BB's and is based solely upon a system of honour and integrity; relying on the hit player calling themselves out of the game.



Airsoft weapons are also different as they are replica models based on the 'real steel' weapons used by the worlds forces. As these weapons are "Realistic Imitation Firearms" (RIFs) they are subject to certain rules (Defined in the VCRA). The weapons are also governed by power limits measured in Feet Per Second (FPS), depending on the type of weapon and its means of power (Spring, Battery or Gas). Many regular players will have bought their own weapons after their first few skirmishes and as such you will see a varying array of different types of weapons on the game field.



These can be split into three main categories, Assault, Support and Sniping. Each of the three categories have their own strengths and weaknesses within the game field and as such may be able to alter the outcome of a game at any point. There are many skirmish sites around the country, these can range from woodland, urban and even underground tunnels. Playing styles are reflected at each site and may include such scenarios as FIBUA (Fighting In Built Ups Areas), Open Ground Battles and CQB (Close Quarters Battle)